Bedtime Baby Guide: Newborn Sleep Essentials

Bedtime Baby Guide: Newborn Sleep Essentials

Bedtime Baby Guide: Newborn Sleep Essentials

Sleep. It’s the thing most parents (new and veterans) crave, but also the thing that babies love to resist! If you’re expecting your new arrival, it can be daunting to wade through the plentiful information and advice around sleep and decide what you actually need for your bundle of joy. Contrary to popular belief, your new baby only needs a few things to create the perfect sleep environment, so read our guide below and rest assured that better rest is just around the corner!


The crib

After nine months in the cosiest place possible, your new baby will be spending those first few months snoozing for most of the time. While we can’t quite recreate the warmth and darkness of the womb, we do offer beautifully designed and luxurious sleep spaces to help give you and your little one a comfortable night.



Designed to be your perfect sleeping and feeding companion, this luxurious bedside crib offers a ton of features to help your baby sleep comfortably. Featuring a zip-down mesh wall – with new half-height zip-down functionality – feeding or comforting your baby at night is easier than ever and offers a safe bonding experience while they sleep.

The SnuzPod4 is more breathable than ever thanks to a new ComfortAir breathable system, plus it fits more beds than any other bedside crib on the market. It even offers a lift-off bassinet to provide a safe and familiar sleep environment wherever you are.

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The Little Green Sheep Moses Baskets 

Perfect for giving your little one the most natural first sleep space possible, a Moses Basket from The Little Green Sheep provides a comfortable, breathable environment that’s easy to relax in. A natural palm leaf basket is light and easy to move around the home, while being more durable than other Maize baskets on the market. All organic and chemical-free.

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The mattress

Beautifully made in the most natural way possible, mattresses from The Little Green Sheep are comfortable, breathable and ideal for your newborn’s crib or Moses Basket. Naturally hypoallergenic and formed with a firm but springy core created from natural coconut fibres, it’s the perfect start to your little one’s sleep journey.

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The cosy covers

Many experts agree that sleeping pouches are one of the safest ways of keeping your baby warm while they sleep, and our range of super soft pouches will ensure they’re kept cosy all night long.



Featuring a handy changing zip to make night-time nappy changes a breeze as well as extra poppers for a perfectly snug fit, the SnuzPouch is a perfect choice to help your baby sleep soundly. They’re made from super soft cotton and come in a range of bright and modern designs to suit all tastes.

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Organic baby sleeping bags 

Made using a luxury organic linen and cotton blend, a sleeping bag from The Little Green Sheep guarantees all-natural comfort and cosiness. You’ll find under-arm poppers to ensure a snug fit, as well as a range of natural-inspired designs for a soothing bedtime.

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The sleep-aid

Research over recent years has shown the power of white noise in your baby’s sleep environment – after all, your womb is a noisy place when you think about the blood rushing about, your heartbeat, and plenty of outside noise coming in too. It makes sense that new babies are comforted by gentle noise when they’re sleeping. Plus, it’s great for drowning out household sounds as you go about your daily tasks while they nap or sleep!

The SnuzCloud is an ideal addition to your little one’s sleep space, with a strong Velcro loop to keep it safely out of the way while your baby sleep and four soothing sounds (heartbeat, pink noise, waterfall and lullaby) to help with drifting off and resettling. A soothing pink nightlight or white feeding light is controlled by a button on the other side to the sounds. Lightweight and easily portable, attach it to your pram, cot or car seat for simple sleep wherever you go.

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